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Bible Study with Msgr. Ryan

The Bible Study Theme is

The Apostle Peter in the New Testament

The New Testament Books we will look at in the New Year are:

  1. The Fourth Gospel i.e. the Gospel of John, which has an implicit and interesting one-upmanship between Peter and the Beloved Disciple.
  2. The Acts of the Apostles where after the Ascension of Jesus, Peter becomes the leading Apostle, the pioneer missionary and the chief public speaker.

Sessions will take place on April 16, 23, 30th and May 7, 14, 21. They take place in the Parish Center in the afternoon from 1:15 – 2:30 and in the evening from 7:30 – 9:00.

All are welcome!

Bishop DiMarzio Suspends Distribution of the Precious Blood of Jesus Due to the severe Outbreak of the Flu

As you know this has been a bad flu season. Bishop DiMarzio has decided to take some steps to safeguard the People of God.

The Bishop has mandated that we not distribute the precious Blood to people at Mass. This suspension will be lifted upon conclusion of the flu season.

In addition, all are asked to exchange sign of peace by a bow to each other while saying “Peace be with you”. It is also strongly suggested that if you experience the flu that you not attend Mass until you are well again.

May the lord continue to bless you and grant us all good health!