Eucharistic Ministry

The ordinary ministers of the Eucharist are the ordained (bishop, priest, deacon). Extraordinary ministers are members of the parish trained to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion. The Eucharist is the heart and center of the Catholic Christian. Inviting, examining, and catechizing special Eucharistic ministers (baptized and confirmed men and women) is the concern of the community which calls them to serve. Special ministers of the Eucharist should be people who have a special love for the Eucharist. They assist in distributing Communion at Masses and bringing Eucharist to the sick as needed. If you would like to assist with this special ministry, you are requested to go through a brief interview and training session. Like the Lector, the Eucharistic Minister serves a unique role in the liturgy. It is Jesus himself who comes to us in Communion. The Eucharistic Minister serves the Body of Christ (the Church) by bringing the Body of Christ (Communion) to the members of the Body.

If you are interested in becoming Eucharistic Minister, please call Ms. Janine Kramer, Director of the Religious Education Office at (718) 225-5191. Your ministry will be truly appreciated.