Generations of Faith Campaign Capital Improvements

We are pleased to announce that after the weeks of work the restoration of the front of the church has been completed. Due to your generosity in the Generations of Faith Campaign the return of the initial funds enabled us to complete this project.

Necessary asbestos removal has been done in preparation for the installation of a new boiler in the convent, .

This week we have begun work on the restoration of the doors of the Church.

Grateful thanks to all of you who made this possible by your campaign pledges.

Welcome Father Mark Bristol

Father Mark Bristol2016-1We rejoice-and joyously welcome Father Mark Bristol, recently ordained last Saturday, June 4th to St. Anastasia Parish. Father is 31 years old is a Brooklyn born native. The youngest of 4 children, he was born to immigrant parents from Guyana, South America. He discerned the call to the priesthood while serving in the U.S. Navy. He has been assigned for a period of five years, after which he will begin to serve as a Catholic Chaplin in the Navy.

Generations of Faith Progress Report

Generations of FaithIn anticipation of the diocesan disbursal of some initial funds from Generations of Faith, St. Anastasia has begun work with the diocese on the following projects:

  1. Repairing the limestone on the columns and door panels of the church
  2. Refurbishing the front sacristy doors of the church
  3. Replacement of the boiler in the former convent
  4. Replacement of the air conditioning and heating elements in the rectory

The Diocese has not yet provided us with a disbursement date and so we can begin our projects only when they are approved and the money released.

We thank all of our parishioners who were so generous in their contributions to Generations of Faith.

6/19/2016 Update

We are pleased to announce that in the coming week we will be doing the next phase of the repairs on the stone work in front of the Church. This phase will include a special power washing and treatment of the front of the church ($17,950).

We also will be starting on Monday, June 20th the removal of the asbestos ($19, 250) in the convent boiler room so that we can then replace the original boiler with a new one
We are sable to do this work because of the initial returns from the five year pledges you made to the Generations of Faith campaign. Thank you for your generosity that has enabled us to begin fulfilling our campaign covenant.

4/28/2016 Update

We have good news about the needs we planned to address in our capital Campaign. This week, after the diocese released some of the initial funds, we started with our projects. Work has begun on the restoration of the limestone in front of the Church.

Next week, the refurbishment of the doors of the Church will be started, we are also preparing to replace the boiler in the convent with a new one that will use gas.

One of the projects on the list is the heating and cooling system in the Rectory. This project has become even more challenged by the demise of our hot water heater. The tank is an industrial size therefore incurring some additional expense.

Thank you to all our parishioners who by their backing of Generations of Faith have made us able to address these necessary projects.

Fantastic Finish!

Intermediate Girls' team pictured with coaches Debbie Doreste and Cathy Conlon
Intermediate Girls’ team pictured with coaches Debbie Doreste and Cathy Conlon

Congratulations to the St. Anastasia Girls’ Intermediate soccer team. The Diocesan Fall Championship was finally claimed with a nail biting victory over Saint Francis De Sales of Rockaway in double overtime! Congratulations girls!